From New People's Society to The Taiwan Shinminpo

"Digital Humanities Research Project" 2021 Digital Research Expo<br>
Taiwan Historical Archives Digitization & Value-added Project - Centered on the Taiwan Shinminpo and Kounan News under Japanese Colonial Rule
{ "front": { "id": "front", "type": "front", "sortable": false, "bgObj": { "oid": "69bfd08602b2f97fc11825e1f57c6332", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "bg", "title": "臺灣新民報系列報刊", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "988428d62eef5332017bfd2639b5fc19", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "From New People's Society to The Taiwan Shinminpo", "desc": "\"Digital Humanities Research Project\" 2021 Digital Research Expo<br>", "textColor": "white", "weight": 0 }, "text-1tarm87v5a": { "id": "text-1tarm87v5a", "type": "text", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 1, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "title": "Exhibition Introduction", "desc": "Thanks to rapid technological advances, the Internet and social media are gradually replacing TV broadcasting as the mainstream source of information. Through surfing with a mobile phone or computer, people enjoy easy access to information from around the world.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>Nevertheless, a century ago before the advent of the Internet, newspaper was the most important channel for Taiwanese to get the latest updates in their daily life.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>\n\n<br>However, in Japanese colonial Taiwan, freedom of speech was under strict government control. Most newspapers adopted the perspective of the colonists and published reports that were neither objective nor neutral, thus constraining the thinking and vision of the Taiwanese.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>In the 1920s, eager for change and progress, a group of Taiwanese studying in Tokyo, Japan formed the Xinminhui (New People's Society), striving to organize social and political movements.&nbsp;Through making publications and running a newspaper, they fought for improvement in political status and enhancement in knowledge of the Taiwanese.<br><br>It was under such social ambience that&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>, later renamed as&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shin Minpao</i>, came into being.<span><br><br></span><span>This exhibition takes you through the precious\nhistorical materials from the archives of ITH for the only newspaper that was run\nby the then Taiwanese – <i>The Taiwan\nShinminpo</i>.<br></span><br>" }, "theme-xyzfrel3zs": { "id": "theme-xyzfrel3zs", "type": "theme", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "1aa23de0e7c49fb2253896a36f5bfa04", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1928年新民會會員合影於武島町楊肇嘉宅", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣議會設置請願運動相關照片〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "4b49fa6e193d28cc49e5dca18c710a1f", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Organization – Consolidating Power of Reformation", "desc": "During the 1920s, Taiwanese socioeconomic elites\nfrom within and outside the island of Taiwan began organizing themselves into\nburgeoning political and social movements in what was to be the beginning of\nTaiwanese struggle for rights.", "musicName": "無", "weight": 2, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "quote-z40q5cy1zk": { "id": "quote-z40q5cy1zk", "type": "quote", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 3, "desc": "In the aftermath of the First World War, ideologies such as freedom, equality and national self-determination continued to impact the youth at that time. Taiwanese students studying in Tokyo, Japan, felt deeply the many problems arisen from “colonization” in their hometown, and decided to launch an organization for consolidating the power of reformation.<br><br>In January 1920, the New People's Society was formally established, with Lin Hsien-tang as the chairman and Tsai Hui-ju as the vice-chairman. The core mission of this Association was “To seek cultural enhancement through reviewing all matters that warrant reformation in Taiwan”, striving for both political reforms and cultural enlightenment.<br><br>As a pioneer, the New People's Society set off a wave of reforms, and various political and social movement groups were subsequently founded.&nbsp;While these groups held diverse political lines and operated differently, they had similar members. Sharing the same zeal for reforms, these trailblazers attracted followers to join their cause, instilling hope among the people of Taiwan.<br><br>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-cnxsz2fvk2": { "id": "basic-cnxsz2fvk2", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "64f3eb0fd38dc44375394bf8485a5457", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1925年臺灣文化協會講演團留影於臺灣民報批發處前", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣議會設置請願運動相關照片〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "bb536a675eee6907f278a1409b800f65", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Group photo taken after a lecture held in Hsinchu distributor of The Taiwan Minpao, 1925", "desc": "After the Xinminhui (New People's Society) was formed, it heralded other Taiwanese political groups that had similar members subsequently established, including the Taiwan Cultural Association, Taiwan People's Party and Taiwan Local Autonomy Alliance.&nbsp;<br><br>The Taiwanese Cultural Association launched the movement for cultural enlightenment through running a newspaper and organizing lectures, drama performances and summer schools.<br><br>This group photo shows participants of a lecture organized by the Association in 1925 and was taken at the Hsinchu distributor of <i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>.<br><br>Front row center from right to left (marked with green dot): Lin Cheng-lu, Lin Hsien-tang, Tsai Hui-ju, and Yang Zhao-jia, all were core members of the New People’s Society.<br><br>The June 7, 1925 diary of Ng Ong-seng, a journalist of&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>&nbsp;contained details of the Hsinchu lecture organized by the Taiwanese Cultural Association. It was written that around 400-500 people went to the train station to greet the speakers and firecrackers were let off like welcoming deities.<br><br>At the lecture with an audience of around 2000, Lin Hsien-tang spoke on \"Mission of Taiwanese Cultural Association\", Tsai Hui-ju on \"Breaking Superstitions\" and Tsai Shih-ku on \"Social Judgment and Law\".<br><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 4, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "secondaryObj": { "oid": "b6e709059a25f6aace38ac9e4b6ac25d", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1925年黃旺成日記記載文協至新竹演講實況", "desc": "資料來源:〈1925年黃旺成日記〉(T0765_02_01_12),《黃旺成與黃繼圖文書》(T0765),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d5d01d313eb93dd5048ad5c4f455d5be", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "img-dbrqxwl7pr": { "id": "img-dbrqxwl7pr", "type": "img", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "36e459754bf314fd1cd497f72d1d3688", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1927年新民會章程", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會章程〉(LJK_03_04_0060183),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "af9f6721c129349267ef3a47d2df29ce", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Constitution of New People's Society, 1927", "desc": "The 1927 Constitution of the New People's Society stated that the objective of its establishment was “To seek cultural enhancement through reviewing all matters that warrant reformation in Taiwan”. To achieve that, a review meeting was to be held monthly for deliberating issues, scholars were to be invited to give lectures, and two general meetings were to be held each year for discussing Association-related affairs.<br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 5, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "quote-mdy024l6v1": { "id": "quote-mdy024l6v1", "type": "quote", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 6, "desc": "<span><b>Taiwan's reformation is yet to be realized. </b><br><b>We must work harder in unity.</b></span><br>    -Profile of New People's Society, 1928", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "afc170abec395ad8c50c98ba890b3dd6", "title": "1928年新民會概況-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "100aab2472973ba68b782598fad912f2", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "12bcc6df4a56ce41a8ad36cd6e6fe042", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "166538a924e14c9c95b1d1f3497a27f3", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1cc6541d83751cc305e68bd039979ab0", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0c782b4c169a568a8df044dfea86f4cf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "4cf5e709978a2d71413f09dc4d4d84f4", "title": "1928年新民會概況-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "72e021559c89d6040d6a89ac23deb8e1", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "72fff7854c1606190fe93c929f16ae73", "title": "1928年新民會概況-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7bbcbc1e4fb84b0f6d6fdf419c3764a5", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-ux23tqkedr": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-ux23tqkedr", "title": "1928年新民會概況-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "primaryObj": { "oid": "afc170abec395ad8c50c98ba890b3dd6", "title": "1928年新民會概況-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "100aab2472973ba68b782598fad912f2", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-ro1gc6880g": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-ro1gc6880g", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "12bcc6df4a56ce41a8ad36cd6e6fe042", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-hc322qg5dh": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-hc322qg5dh", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "166538a924e14c9c95b1d1f3497a27f3", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 2 }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-wfxd2hdc5r": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-wfxd2hdc5r", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1cc6541d83751cc305e68bd039979ab0", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 3 }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-8bvj06vk3o": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-8bvj06vk3o", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0c782b4c169a568a8df044dfea86f4cf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 4 }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-ogumispb3x": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-ogumispb3x", "title": "1928年新民會概況-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "4cf5e709978a2d71413f09dc4d4d84f4", "title": "1928年新民會概況-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "72e021559c89d6040d6a89ac23deb8e1", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 5 }, "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-wwkqglg0qp": { "id": "imgs-njlpqnnx0k-wwkqglg0qp", "title": "1928年新民會概況-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "primaryObj": { "oid": "72fff7854c1606190fe93c929f16ae73", "title": "1928年新民會概況-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7bbcbc1e4fb84b0f6d6fdf419c3764a5", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 6 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 7, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "Profile of New People's Society, 1928", "desc": "<span><i>The Profile of New People's Society</i> recorded its meetings, council members and the entire list of members. Records of 1928 showed a total of 80 members both local and overseas. The office was temporarily set up at the residence of Yang Zhao-jia in Tokyo. The review meeting of that year discussed issues including petition for establishment of a Taiwanese parliament and home rule. Plans were also made for issuing a brochure on home rule by Taiwanese and to raise fund for establishing the library of the New People's Society.<br></span><br>At the end of the Profile, it is specially written that \"Taiwan's reformation is yet to be realized. We must work harder in unity\", and&nbsp;<span>a hand-drawn \"Freedom Ring\" is also featured in\nanother <i>Profile of New People's Society</i>,</span>&nbsp;expressing people's eager expectations for reform and freedom!<br><br>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "basic-jxqtr3041d": { "id": "basic-jxqtr3041d", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "718d4ad0f5624ef04237648c173d6e7d", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "新民會會員合影", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣議會設置請願運動相關照片〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "b1508992db49d150e33124e271f47f46", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Group photo of New People's Society members", "desc": "This precious picture is from an album of\nphotographs belonging to Yang Chau-chia. It is speculated to have been taken in\nthe late 1920s.<br><br>Many of&nbsp;New People's Society members&nbsp;held key positions at&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo&nbsp;</i>later.<br><br>Yang Zhao-jia and Ryu Mei-den took on the roles\nof adviser and director of the board, respectively, with Lu Limng-jo as the\nnewspaper's publisher. Literary historians Yeh Jung-chung and Zhang Geng both\nat one time served as the directors of the Tokyo branch of&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>.<br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 8, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "theme-7r6ub755ch": { "id": "theme-7r6ub755ch", "type": "theme", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "f322088774e93cd500e1bd452a03e9f0", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "臺灣新民報", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7ac734c8134dbac58f0629db2d16cc04", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Newspaper-Propagating Political Views to the Public", "desc": "Despite the censorship imposed by the government\nduring the colonial rule, the people of Taiwan strove for the ability to run\ntheir own newspapers, express their thoughts, be politically critical,\npopularize new ideas and give a voice oriented to the masses – efforts that\nleft a profound impact on Taiwanese politics and society.", "musicName": "無", "weight": 9, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "quote-3meb51pgv2": { "id": "quote-3meb51pgv2", "type": "quote", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 10, "desc": "<span>During early Japanese colonial era, the\nGovernment-General of Taiwan initiated and dominated the legislation of the “Taiwan\nNewspaper Act” to exercise strict control over the news media. Through restraining\nthe development of the native press in Taiwan, there were very few newspapers\nin circulation, with the majority being “pro-government”, leaving Taiwanese a\nmyopic view of the world under official intervention.<br></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><span>After the New People's Society established, some\nmembers felt deeply that words and writing were powerful tools. They started\npublishing <i>Tai Oan Chheng Lian </i>(<i>The Taiwan Youth</i>), <i>Taiwan</i>, and <i>The Taiwan Minpao\n</i>in Tokyo.&nbsp;</span>Then they tried to bring them back to Taiwan for\nsale, convey what was seen and heard abroad, and express feelings or comments\nabout current affairs.<br><br><i>The Taiwan Minpao</i><span> was first published every\ntwo weeks in Tokyo in April 1923. In July 1927, after repeated endeavors of the\nactivists, the then Governor-General of Taiwan, Kamiyama Mitsunoshin finally\napproved the release of <i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>\nin Taiwan. Until 1930, it changed its name to&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>, but it still published in weekly form. In\n1932, it was finally approved to be issued daily and became the only private\nTaiwanese-run daily newspaper in the market at that time.&nbsp;</span><br><br>At\nlong last and after years of persistent requests, recurrent rejections and\nconstant delays, Taiwanese got a newspaper of substance and meaning that met\ntheir expectations. Political views and sparks of reform could now propagate\nfrom the organization and be disseminated to the general public.<br>Besides the contemporary issues, the coverage of\nliterature and the arts as well as modern knowledge gave the people of Taiwan\ndiverse perspectives on the world.&nbsp;<br>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "imgs-qphbubv8qz": { "id": "imgs-qphbubv8qz", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "fe5bc8c0e626b2764ea48ef4ffb32fa7", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "3cc4bca183cecd1fde999897a9764a4b", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "e7648368302b98ddb9c96a2af03bbbdd", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "e3c3d5fc98baa6a06f6a5f5a2c726730", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "894b95a216c7b5f2175cc1dae7d8fbd2", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1db0ed562ac8c34771485eba2af41a52", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "6713879ead6b9594b8d61cde9223dd65", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "f9cdbca7cd6fee8bf8c2c3a7da157d80", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "bd57d2b8c43eec5ab6215cb7042cf9a3", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-5", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "71b6895310eacfea5ccb1a17ab64e2e9", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-qphbubv8qz-3k9gfzycob": { "id": "imgs-qphbubv8qz-3k9gfzycob", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "fe5bc8c0e626b2764ea48ef4ffb32fa7", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "3cc4bca183cecd1fde999897a9764a4b", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-qphbubv8qz-l2z7tfsgvx": { "id": "imgs-qphbubv8qz-l2z7tfsgvx", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "e7648368302b98ddb9c96a2af03bbbdd", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "e3c3d5fc98baa6a06f6a5f5a2c726730", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 }, "imgs-qphbubv8qz-pdrhme6gw6": { "id": "imgs-qphbubv8qz-pdrhme6gw6", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "894b95a216c7b5f2175cc1dae7d8fbd2", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1db0ed562ac8c34771485eba2af41a52", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 2 }, "imgs-qphbubv8qz-vmh3xbzsit": { "id": "imgs-qphbubv8qz-vmh3xbzsit", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "6713879ead6b9594b8d61cde9223dd65", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "f9cdbca7cd6fee8bf8c2c3a7da157d80", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 3 }, "imgs-qphbubv8qz-lp48boeacu": { "id": "imgs-qphbubv8qz-lp48boeacu", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-5", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "primaryObj": { "oid": "bd57d2b8c43eec5ab6215cb7042cf9a3", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-5", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "71b6895310eacfea5ccb1a17ab64e2e9", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 4 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 11, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "Archives of New People's Society Volume II, 1929", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "desc": "Why did people need to initiate a Taiwanese-run\nnewspaper at that time?<br>The answer to this question may be realized in\nan article that written by Zhang Geng, a member of New People's Society, in\n1929.<br><br>In 1929, the New People's Society published the\nsecond volume of its archives. Zhang Geng's article “Founding newspapers in\nTaiwan” in the volume pointed out that the main newspapers then were mostly\npro-government with interests that conflicted with those of Taiwanese. What\nTaiwan needed was “genuine public opinion”!<br><br>However, as recorded in the minutes of the\ngeneral meeting of that year, this volume of archives was banned by the\nGovernment-General of Taiwan from being released or distributed.<br><br>", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "basic-ciayayrtp3": { "id": "basic-ciayayrtp3", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "a5841accab352434cae7f46a0fcdd8c7", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1923年臺灣民報創刊號", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣民報第1卷第1號〉(LJK_09_05_0011365),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9828bf2eb8dbde7c27598d206b525c91", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "The magazine Taiwan, 1922 and First issue of The Taiwan Minpao, 1923", "desc": "<span>Newspaper makes a powerful tool for awakening\nthe conscience of oneself and others. Members of the New People's Society deeply\nknew about this; therefore, they raised funds to publish <i>The Taiwan Youth</i>,<i> Taiwan</i>,\nand&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao</i> in\nthe early 1920s.</span><br><br><i>The Taiwan Minpo</i> was referred to by\ncontemporaries as the only institution to give the Taiwanese a voice of their\nown, but its style was in fact closer to that of a magazine.&nbsp;<span>From a bi-weekly publication in the beginning to a ten-days publication, then&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao</i> became a weekly press in 1925.</span><br><br>Though fully aware that only a daily newspaper could deliver the latest updates and engineer effectively public opinion, the dream of publishing a daily could hardly be realized under deficient human and material resources, not to mention the hindrance from the authorities.<br><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 12, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "secondaryObj": { "oid": "9ae13a177ba3632ace1f9640b75e7ebe", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1922年《臺灣》雜誌", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣第3年第1號〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《臺灣第3年第1號》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "63f319a6aa4d3269c1bed5d930de70aa", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "basic-pgpmhvzk04": { "id": "basic-pgpmhvzk04", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "779302ff1db4bfff66fcb9a2782400d2", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1927年3月11日林獻堂日記", "desc": "資料來源:林獻堂著;許雪姬等編註。灌園先生日記/1927-03-11。上網日期:2021年09月15日,檢自中央研究院臺灣史研究所臺灣日記知識庫:灌園先生日記/1927-03-11", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "5658700fa683bea131f8bce07c229c9d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Diary of Lin Hsien-tang dated March 11, 1927", "desc": "Publishing a daily newspaper entailed overcoming many challenges including lack of financial and human resources.&nbsp;The chief task was to get the funds in place and\nrecruit talents for the running of the newspaper.<br><br>The diary of Lin Hsien-tang in March 1927 (the left\nfigure) recorded the visit of Tsai Hui-ju, who&nbsp;said that Chiang Wei-shui,\nTsai Pei-huo, and many peers<span>&nbsp;urged him not to take his trip to Europe and the US, and used instead the\ntravel expenses of 30,000-40,000 yuan for publishing&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>.<br>&nbsp;</span><br>However, Lin Hsien-tang was keen in getting firsthand exposure to the different cultures of Europe and the United States, and considered travel notes a must-read for cultural enlightenment, so that he still set off on May 15, 1927, embarking on a 378-day journey through five continents and 16 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, America. Upon return to Taiwan, he published his Journey Around the World in&nbsp;<span><i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>.</span><br><br><span>The above is a piece in Lin Hsien-tang's <i>Universal Travel</i>, published by <i>The\nTaiwan Minpo</i> on January 1, 1929, with the theme of the day being the\nexperiences and thoughts during travel in France.</span><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 13, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "secondaryObj": { "oid": "706d97ff36ab7524584f9864c365aa22", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1927年林獻堂遊歷歐洲相關紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣民報第241號〉(LJK_09_08_0751602),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "41a64df6a54b4591bec0a7de0889d706", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "basic-r22789v92j": { "id": "basic-r22789v92j", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "1d2b4a172177f12d690162daec078523", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": " 1929年臺灣新民報發行日刊申請", "desc": "資料來源:〈新聞紙發行許可願〉(TPH_01_04_002),《蔡培火存於紅十字會臺灣省分會文書》(TPH),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "6c582443d1f661601ea7319a4a760edf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Request for permission to publish The Taiwan Shinminpo as a daily, 1929", "desc": "<span>In the diary of Lin\nHsien-tang from 1927 to 1932, it recorded events related to the request for\npermission to publish <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> as a daily, including details\nof the mediation with the Government-General officials and discussion with\ncomrades on the issue.</span><br><br>Although Lin Hsien-tang had concerns about the funds not being in place and\nthe choices of the personnel,<span>&nbsp;he still submitted a request to the Governor-General in 1929 and looked\nforward to publishing&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>&nbsp;as a daily.</span><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 14, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-cpaxjc8oow": { "id": "basic-cpaxjc8oow", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "658456b4c895ec65708e0874122b9324", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1932年臺灣新民報日刊發刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第0411號(1932-04-15)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "504bf161eb9c3f6f150dccfaafde5dd0", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "First-issue front page of The Taiwan Shinminpo in April, 1932", "desc": "Requests for official approval for publication were\nrepeatedly rejected before being submitted again, but it never wavered in\npeople's initial aspirations to launch a daily.&nbsp;On January 9, 1932,<span>&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i></span>&nbsp;finally obtained approval from the Government-General of Taiwan and its first issue as a daily was published on April 15 of the same year.&nbsp;<br><br>This issue contained several pages of congratulatory messages from various circles, including Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi, former Governor-General Ōta Masahiro, and the then Governor-General Hiroshi Minami.&nbsp;<span>Tsai Pei-huo, one of the main promoters of the daily, wrote poems\nexpressing his thoughts on the successful launching of <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>.</span><br><br>In his message, former Governor-General Ōta Masahiro mentioned the need for unimpeded expression of public opinion; yet the concern for radical views resulted in the much delayed approval for publication. During his tenure, he finally granted the permission in view of the progress in cultural enhancement of the Taiwanese. Moreover, he hoped that the newspaper would serve as the voice of the general public to be heard by the government, thus fostering domestic harmony and integration.<br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 15, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "secondaryObj": { "oid": "658456b4c895ec65708e0874122b9324", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1932年臺灣新民報日刊發刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第0411號(1932-04-15)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1f685e1cfbe4a0bbcbc60f83e0b0c707", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "theme-xcn21jdfys": { "id": "theme-xcn21jdfys", "type": "theme", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "67df027acd3279bbdb98688ccc7e5147", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1937年臺灣新民報社出版的支那時局大地圖", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "34c1a1c45c806592340548c6baf7dbbe", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 1, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Expansion – From Taiwan Island to Foreign Lands", "desc": "<div>After repeated petitions came the approval for its publication as a daily in 1932. The Office was then moved to the vicinity of the present-day North Gate near Ximending to cater for its increasing scale, human resources and equipment.&nbsp;And it strengthen the\noverseas correspondence network from Taiwan Island to Foreign Lands afterwards.</div>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 16, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "quote-zk8piz036a": { "id": "quote-zk8piz036a", "type": "quote", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 17, "desc": "<span>First issued in Tokyo in 1923,&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao&nbsp;</i>was\neventually released in Taiwan in 1927 and managed by the Taipei Head Office. After\nthe approval for its publication as a daily in 1932, it increased the operating\nscale and organization.</span><span><br><br></span>In its heyday, its bureaus all over Taiwan totaled 13, from the initial ones in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan gradually extending to East Taiwan, with the Hualien Port Bureau established.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>Since 1933, there had been overseas expansion with bureaus set up first in Amoy (Xiamen), Shanghai and Dalian, then in Guangdong and Hong Kong after 1941. There were reporters posted in southeast Asia (Nanyang) to strengthen the overseas correspondence network.<br><br>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-vwvbbvqlf8": { "id": "basic-vwvbbvqlf8", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "7bbb92902fa6d8300afcbfca23836d3f", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1932年新民報社本部", "desc": "資料來源:〈《義捐音樂會紀念寫真帳》〉(T0607P0090_02_0044),《高慈美文書》(3GCM),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "a3d33f018ef92a4a8918b8c67ee13428", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Head office of The Taiwan Shinminpo, 1932", "desc": "After repeated petitions came the approval for its publication as a daily in 1932. The Office was then moved to the vicinity of the present-day North Gate near Ximending, adjacent to Dadaocheng and Wanhua (see green box in\nmap above).<br><br>The Head office of&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Minpao</i>&nbsp;was a three-story Western-style building covering an area of 300&nbsp;m². It was designed by and constructed under the supervision of American engineers. The first floor housed the printing department; the second floor, the editorial department and the sales department; and the third floor, the conference room, photo room and research room. Adjacent to the main building were the printing press and movable type foundry.<br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 18, "secondaryObj": { "oid": "9a805eff40818de5c6b96328c57bbadb", "level": "secondary", "title": "1932年臺北市街圖", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺北市街圖〉(T1035_02_0001),《臺南市立圖書館舊藏地圖資料》(T1035),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "dae10f7659908769b67c6ffea2c88440", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "2ab75273d1be5a50b6c11632525ed4c7", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "a1a14b88b08d9e5687f743054e0a745c", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "10228bde3aab2bea98dcd5e3c361a548", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "31e0e23c93b45076797cf2cd10287266", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "39266ba46998340bc5fbd9d0d220fce6", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "5bc05647b8342a26212e1ecd8d4ef513", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "409ff96d5983653ef6e6ce9dbaa18bc4", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-4spnkzyvux": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-4spnkzyvux", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "2ab75273d1be5a50b6c11632525ed4c7", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-jb5jobjyxc": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-jb5jobjyxc", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "a1a14b88b08d9e5687f743054e0a745c", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-t3ds3h009t": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-t3ds3h009t", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "10228bde3aab2bea98dcd5e3c361a548", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 2 }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-kyaf0r7n5e": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-kyaf0r7n5e", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "31e0e23c93b45076797cf2cd10287266", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 3 }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-2m2vudj131": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-2m2vudj131", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "39266ba46998340bc5fbd9d0d220fce6", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 4 }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-sban0y5jwf": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-sban0y5jwf", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "5bc05647b8342a26212e1ecd8d4ef513", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 5 }, "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-786rmzjwhm": { "id": "imgs-ut1w2gg9ag-786rmzjwhm", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "409ff96d5983653ef6e6ce9dbaa18bc4", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 6 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 19, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "Work scenes at The Taiwan Shinminpo printing press, 1934", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "desc": "<span>With&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan\nShinminpo</i>&nbsp;turned into a daily, the editing and printing work became\nmore intensive, necessitating more supporting staff to be recruited. In 1934,\nthe Head Office alone had 200 staff members working round the clock to produce\nlatest news from information collected from around the world.</span><br><br>In order to achieve\none-stop operation of editing, printing and distribution, equipment related to\nmovable type printing was purchased, including a type casting machine, which\ncast 40,000 characters a day for alternate use with old characters.<br><br>From these photos, one\ncan imagine the hectic work before the deadline of each day when the original\nnews reports were churned out from the editorial office, followed by\ntypesetting at lightning speed and printing tens of thousands of newspapers in\nthe shortest time. Newspaper printing is a race against time!", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "imgs-vgbsl1xju8": { "id": "imgs-vgbsl1xju8", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "91336092985ed83a2a5aabadf281106c", "title": "1933年黃周申請旅券紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈1933年10-12月外國旅券下付表〉(T1011_03_139),《臺灣總督府旅券下付及返納表》(T1011),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d95893246cdc253fa8400d01bdc0850e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "b545aa4558dcbabb8c011ab69d033c30", "title": "1934年臺灣人士鑑(黃周)", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣人士鑑〉(CCP_09_11039_BC4_37),《陳澄波畫作與文書表》(CCP),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "15598059a61fba65b2a12f961c542338", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-vgbsl1xju8-20vank5uih": { "id": "imgs-vgbsl1xju8-20vank5uih", "title": "1933年黃周申請旅券紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈1933年10-12月外國旅券下付表〉(T1011_03_139),《臺灣總督府旅券下付及返納表》(T1011),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "91336092985ed83a2a5aabadf281106c", "title": "1933年黃周申請旅券紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈1933年10-12月外國旅券下付表〉(T1011_03_139),《臺灣總督府旅券下付及返納表》(T1011),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d95893246cdc253fa8400d01bdc0850e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-vgbsl1xju8-wdasn0gp1o": { "id": "imgs-vgbsl1xju8-wdasn0gp1o", "title": "1934年臺灣人士鑑(黃周)", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣人士鑑〉(CCP_09_11039_BC4_37),《陳澄波畫作與文書表》(CCP),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "primaryObj": { "oid": "b545aa4558dcbabb8c011ab69d033c30", "title": "1934年臺灣人士鑑(黃周)", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣人士鑑〉(CCP_09_11039_BC4_37),《陳澄波畫作與文書表》(CCP),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "15598059a61fba65b2a12f961c542338", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 20, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "The overseas bureaus of The Taiwan Shinminpo", "desc": "With the need of the Chinese version daily, there had been overseas expansion with\nbureaus set up first in Amoy (Xiamen), Shanghai and Dalian since 1933.<br><br><span>Huang Chou was the first Amoy bureau chief of&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan\nShinminpo</i>. T</span>hese are the records of his application for a passport to\nAmoy in 1933, which showed that he was accompanied by his wife Li Pien-pien and\ntwo young children to his new post.<br><br><span>According to the <i>Taiwan Jinshikan&nbsp;</i>(Who's Who in Taiwan)\npublished by <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo&nbsp;</i>printing press, Huang Chou graduated\nfrom Waseda University in Japan. He had a brief visit to Shanghai and Nanjing,\nChina. In 1925, he joined&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>&nbsp;as a reporter\nand later served as the Taichung bureau chief. Owing to his frequent shuttle\nbetween Taiwan and China, he was sent to base in Amoy and Shanghai in October\n1933.&nbsp;</span><br><br>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "basic-4ee44839cl": { "id": "basic-4ee44839cl", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "96ecc33e3d7ce5c5ac9681ed7a614381", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1938年郭發赴任廈門旅券紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈1938年7-9月外國旅券下付表〉(T1011_03_158),《臺灣總督府旅券下付及返納表》(T1011),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0a76d7865c44e017402b5c7739913f33", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Passport records of Kuo Fa and news on his being appointed as Amoy bureau chief, 1938", "desc": "In 1937, the Shanghai branch and the correspondence office in Dalian\nwere closed down in succession, leaving the Xiamen branch its only presence\nwithin China.&nbsp;In 1938,&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>&nbsp;also became a press media for Japan during its occupation of Amoy and published a lot of reports.<br><br>The then newly appointed Amoy bureau chief, Kuo Fa published more than 30 articles of his observations as a correspondent based in Amoy. The contents had connotations as the propaganda of national policies.<br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 21, "secondaryObj": { "oid": "b7ef5a5215ede8474635959ac26c7ae9", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1938廈門之局長郭發旅券紀錄與報導", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2734號(1938-09-13)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "552e95d7f28c119f17ebcb033baff852", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "theme-gyn83knohk": { "id": "theme-gyn83knohk", "type": "theme", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "f709555780c40510fab77d458b4d019a", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1938年報紙上的流行與摩登", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "b5449abe2c8964864f33ac0615950c63", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Contents – From Domestic Affairs to World News", "desc": "<span>In addition to its focus on the coverage of social events from a\ndistinct Taiwanese perspective, <i>The\nTaiwan Shinminpo </i>published a large amount of contents regarding culture and\nthe arts, fresh scientific knowledge, mass entertainment and information for\nhouseholds. This not only helped to expand the readership of the newspaper, but\nalso the horizons of the people of Taiwan from the tiny island to the world –\nand along with it the ability for self-reflection among the Taiwanese.</span>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 22, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "quote-tiq8o3mbo9": { "id": "quote-tiq8o3mbo9", "type": "quote", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 23, "desc": "<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> persisted through active news reporting the practice\nof commentary on political and social events in question while popularizing new\nknowledge from abroad to the growing understanding of the general public. Various\nrelated activities were organized, including overseas visits or publishing accounts\nof travel by leading members. For most people of Taiwan, who could not afford\nto travel abroad, all of these represented an opportunity to greatly broaden\none's horizons.<span><br><br></span><span>In addition, in delving deep into the daily life\nin its published contents, with materials encompassing the arts, literature,\nmass entertainment, medical care, knowledge about the law and family and\nchild-rearing, the newspaper became a form of social influence. As the subscribers\nof <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> grew in\nnumber over time, advertisements rose to become a main source of revenue. Often\ncoupled with fine illustrations and slogans, these advertisements served as\nindicators of what was popular at the moment and the living proof of the\ndevelopments of various industries.</span><br>\n\n<br><span>Every report and each\nedition of <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> were schematized to convey messages from\nthe editorial board to the public, sometimes explicitly, sometimes subtly, and\noften with compromise as dictated by the political situation. Nevertheless, as\nthe only private Taiwanese-run newspaper,&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>&nbsp;not\nonly provided a channel for Taiwanese educated youth to promote their ideals,\nbut also offered the general public views different from those of the ruling\npower, making remarkable contributions to the cultural enlightenment and political\nawakening of Taiwan society.</span>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "imgs-ovdu0zaorg": { "id": "imgs-ovdu0zaorg", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "dd84dc77a47f2a3f63c1e324b103f8e1", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "30fc9439bca594957cb0142122b04cfb", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "32484c1443ff83ebde28cb096ef57ffe", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "42117ff42b0bea67bd95dcda6e898c86", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "c42249973f8d69d0067e857f0f1c8f33", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7bfa603fa67d3f52be0c66a8509e1cb6", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "0b8d3d1f1f6c7f33587160a75342ef9c", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "60eff998123936702d84a5e7a406e67d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-9h0ahobof2": { "id": "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-9h0ahobof2", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "dd84dc77a47f2a3f63c1e324b103f8e1", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "30fc9439bca594957cb0142122b04cfb", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-8mxrho6hoo": { "id": "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-8mxrho6hoo", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "primaryObj": { "oid": "32484c1443ff83ebde28cb096ef57ffe", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "42117ff42b0bea67bd95dcda6e898c86", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 }, "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-xqsb5t86xh": { "id": "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-xqsb5t86xh", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "c42249973f8d69d0067e857f0f1c8f33", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7bfa603fa67d3f52be0c66a8509e1cb6", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 2 }, "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-47blfzl0d6": { "id": "imgs-ovdu0zaorg-47blfzl0d6", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "0b8d3d1f1f6c7f33587160a75342ef9c", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "60eff998123936702d84a5e7a406e67d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 3 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 24, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "The Taiwan Shinminpo, Evening Edition Contents", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "desc": "<span>After being granted permission to publish daily,\nthe general layout of the newspaper became markedly different from when it was\na weekly. Initially with only morning editions coupled with a Chinese edition,\nthe newspaper had six to eight pages. By March 1934, the evening edition began\ncirculation, most often at four pages.<br><br></span><span>As a matter of principle, the daily contained\nboth morning and evening editions, with the same number of editions for each. As\nthe evening edition covered news from the day before, it preceded the morning\nedition.<br></span><br>In terms of the pages being published during wartime\nin the midst of growing scarcity of resources, the Chinese column was abolished\nand the layout shrank in size over time while the total number of pages was\nhalved. <br><br>In\ngeneral, the newspaper during different periods followed slightly different\npractices in editing its contents, but the overall approach showed little\nvariation. An example of the September issue in 1939 showed the following\nfeatures:<br><br><b>Evening Edition, Front Page:</b><span> it contained subjects similar to its counterpart in\nthe morning edition, addressing major international and domestic events of the\nday. Owing to the nature of the evening edition, important news stories\nsometimes first appeared here, to be followed up in the morning edition. An\nexample would be the German-Polish war in the WWII.<br></span><br><b>Evening Edition, Page\nTwo:</b><span> it largely concerned\nmajor events from within the island of Taiwan, with the themes encompassing\npolitics, economy, society and others. This page also contained such regular\ncolumns as \"Flight Schedule\", \"Personnel News\", \"Broadcasting Night\", \"Cinematic\nNight\", \"Business\" and others as well as \"Overseas Short Messages\" and\ninformation on the incoming ships that found their places in less regular\ncolumns.<br></span><br><b>Evening Edition, Page Three:</b><span> it focused on literature and entertainment, with\nserialized novels, information on daily life and medical consultation as the\nmain contents and featured such regular columns as \"Family Woman\", \"Hospital on\nthe Paper\", \"Bulletin Board\" and others. The target audience of \"Family Woman\" ought to have been housewives, dealing with issues like family finances,\nchild-rearing, health care, fashion and food; \"Hospital on the Paper\" was\noperated by Huang Chao-qing, who was a <i>Shinminpo</i>\nofficer and a doctor, giving responses to questions related to medical issues\nthat were submitted by readers; and \"Bulletin Board\" was a space allotted to\nreaders for their questions and comments and served as the column for\ncommunication between <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>\neditorial office and its readership.<br></span><br><b>Evening Edition, Page\nFour:</b><span> it was a page designed for language learning\nwhere all the Chinese characters appearing in the news text were accompanied by kana phonetic script. It was geared to readers with a\nweaker command of the Japanese language and to children, with the aim of\nenabling such target audiences to read newspapers.<br></span><br>", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "91f5edd0bc78f43413d2b6c1e17891c0", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "f7e0f3ece206f7f50ad07412a57d8921", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "05cbc0c8f6e0e72fba25ea1f040cf0f0", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7e10c205b393d1b7de4d53582efe5c11", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "746a91981341a6be2f5ae37fa0b98721", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "53b94fde61510a12af10b8599c9449b5", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "f196da622ea1888fea291f34464190df", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "50b2c536fd28ab67a052f8b40165c8e2", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "51376e5365b898576991b74ef00ab008", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊5版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "52afca6fcda2612f957e35c5e92eeae9", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "27beaf7cdd8b7a2d6251e9e63313dcd5", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊6版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "fcd062140bc30c3e7a7300cd656cd39e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "0bfd42bad6aae7a3562310893f472428", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊7版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "91378bc01d345a727b42ca94a46a3b08", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "522af8dd35357f23278d93e99e9552f1", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊8版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9ba2be7f19ea5d9c590bfcb9074ceafe", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-uruf5s3wmu": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-uruf5s3wmu", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "91f5edd0bc78f43413d2b6c1e17891c0", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "f7e0f3ece206f7f50ad07412a57d8921", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-zjy6h482em": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-zjy6h482em", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "05cbc0c8f6e0e72fba25ea1f040cf0f0", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7e10c205b393d1b7de4d53582efe5c11", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-q3p5rhbawn": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-q3p5rhbawn", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "746a91981341a6be2f5ae37fa0b98721", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "53b94fde61510a12af10b8599c9449b5", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 2 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-hx1x5dz594": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-hx1x5dz594", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "f196da622ea1888fea291f34464190df", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "50b2c536fd28ab67a052f8b40165c8e2", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 3 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-9dbfyw66dc": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-9dbfyw66dc", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊5版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "51376e5365b898576991b74ef00ab008", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊5版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "52afca6fcda2612f957e35c5e92eeae9", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 4 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-fysikbx716": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-fysikbx716", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊6版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "27beaf7cdd8b7a2d6251e9e63313dcd5", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊6版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "fcd062140bc30c3e7a7300cd656cd39e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 5 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-ckuehc2vci": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-ckuehc2vci", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊7版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "0bfd42bad6aae7a3562310893f472428", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊7版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "91378bc01d345a727b42ca94a46a3b08", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 6 }, "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-r23ysvrf35": { "id": "imgs-0qkgygu0r9-r23ysvrf35", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊8版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "522af8dd35357f23278d93e99e9552f1", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊8版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9ba2be7f19ea5d9c590bfcb9074ceafe", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 7 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 25, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "The Taiwan Shinminpo, Morning Edition Contents", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "desc": "The morning edition followed\nthe evening edition to be published on the same day, with six to eight pages\nwhose contents were presented as following:<br><br><b>Morning Edition,\nFront Page:</b><span> it featured the most important news items of the day, such as the war\nwith China, major global events, policy-making and personnel changes in the\npolitical circle and the central government. In addition, it contained daily\nupdates on the weather and sailing and flight schedules. The war with China\nrepresented the dominant subject in the news between 1938 and 1941. Sometimes\ndifferent battle fronts received separate coverage but were not always labeled\nand differentiated. Furthermore, during wartime political events related to\nChina were among the news allocated to the front pages.<br></span><br><b>Morning Edition, Page\nTwo:</b> the editorial was\npublished daily here with the exception of Monday editions and covered\neducation, economy, society, the law and others. Moreover, there were\nlong-running columns for \"Personnel News\", \"Voice of Time\", \"Flight Schedule\", \"Speeches of the\nGovernment-General\"<span>&nbsp;and others.<br><br></span><b>Morning Edition, Page\nThree:</b> it mainly comprised\neconomic news, including commodity prices (especially those of rice), trade\nvolume in Taiwan, the activities of an assortment of industries and the\npersonnel. As the economy was mobilized for total war, more and more news items\ncame of an economy placed under strict government control, with the coverage of\nthe establishment of controlling companies and their combinations as well as the\nimplementation of regulatory policies.&nbsp;<br><br><span><b>Morning Edition, Page Four:</b>\nit primarily featured lighter contents, sometimes of advertisements filling the\nwhole page and sometimes of temporary columns for reading materials, science or\ngovernment propagandas. Taiwanese settlements and industries at times made\ntheir introduction here in place of news about scheduled radio programs and\nrelated information as well as the cinema, arts and culture.<br></span><br><b>Morning Edition, Page\nFive:</b> it was usually\nreserved for local news, including those of political, educational, economic\nand social nature. A regular column entitled \"Local Section\"<span>&nbsp;contained contents\ngrouped by regions and presented in rows reporting such local news as personnel\nchanges and conferences held.<br></span><br><b>Morning Edition, Page\nSix:</b> it was primarily the\npage for entertainment in the early days, containing radio programs schedule and\ncinematic news. In later years, the page more flexibly came to include\nadvertisements, reading materials and science. After 1940, the page was largely\nconsigned to government policy announcements, publishing articles by the\ngovernment or \"<span>Compilation of the\nOfficial Gazette of the Prefectures\".<br></span><br><b>Morning Edition, Page\nSeven:</b><span> it was mainly about\nlocal news of general nature, with nearly the whole page dedicated to political,\neconomic and social news found from across Taiwan.<br></span><br><b>Morning Edition, Page\nEight:</b><span> it was primarily\nabout literature and art, including serialized novels, literary criticism,\ncreative writings, essays, poems, foreign academic and educational information as\nwell as images. The themes of the images here covered foreign figures and sceneries,\ncultural relics, science and machinery, artworks and others.<br></span><br>", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "basic-4dd7op19nw": { "id": "basic-4dd7op19nw", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "d5a916e888e2db9e13c72b0d40fd0fb4", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1939年9月新民報國語實習新聞", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3098號(1939-09-14)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "411c4bc1ade0cd86b07f46fa29ed377b", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "The Taiwan Shinminpo-News for learning Japanese", "desc": "<span>In 1937, all Chinese pages in newspapers were\nremoved, and the news for learning Japanese, the fourth page of <i>The Taiwan\nShinminpo</i> evening edition, was instead of it.<br></span><span><br>The news for learning Japanese was similar to the\npresent-day&nbsp;<i>Mandarin Daily News</i>, Chinese characters in the main\ntext accompanied by kana phonetic script.&nbsp;</span>The news found on\nthis page tended to carry strong militarist messages, emphasizing the need for\nyounger children left behind on the home front to give encouragement to the\nfather and elder brother on the front line or all the male members of every\nhousehold to enlist for the battlefields.<br><br>Furthermore, the page\ncontained records concerning important constructions, fresh academic knowledge,<span>&nbsp;or calligraphy\nworks, creative writings of public school students, and nursery rhymes or\nstories for the child.<br><br></span>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 26, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-sp83shlw9a": { "id": "basic-sp83shlw9a", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "level": "primary", "oid": "d8d6b3506782bd46394a13746f35771b", "title": "新民報的全版廣告", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2820號(1938-12-08)、第2723號(1938-09-02)、第2734號(1938-08-13)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1119a4f7164c42546728148f85fa26ad", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Full-page Advertisements in The Taiwan Shinminpo", "desc": "<span>Being a very important source of revenue for newspapers, advertisements\ncovered all necessities of life and featured brands that have remained to this\nday household names, such as <i>Shiseido</i>,\n<i>Wakamoto</i>, <i>Qian Yuan Medicine</i> and others.</span><br><br>The slogans complementing exquisite illustrations in advertisements are helpful\nin illuminating the conditions of various industries at the time.<br><br><span>The exhibit shows Xu Kun-quan's long novel <i>Loveable Rivals</i> and its translated version in an advertisement in <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>. The novel was\nserialized in 160 chapters during 1935 and written in popular prose\nintermingling with Taiwanese dialect. Packaged within a common tale of romance\namong ordinary people, the novel explores the reality of discrimination that the\npeople of Taiwan faced during the colonial rule in hopes of touching a nerve\nwith respect to dignity. The novel proved very popular with the masses in the\nthen Taiwan.</span><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 27, "secondaryObj": { "oid": "d8d6b3506782bd46394a13746f35771b", "level": "secondary", "title": "新民報的全版廣告", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2820號(1938-12-08)、第2723號(1938-09-02)、第2734號(1938-08-13)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7293c1c13ca4e71c6806e0cd20cc1e11", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-30ux573sxe": { "id": "basic-30ux573sxe", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "ffe41d51641a90b5eb980a288e69d1d3", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報號外", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9195f72968b4f044ad060826e99fdd93", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Special Edition and Coupons for Readers", "desc": "<span>In addition to regular editions, <i>The\nTaiwan Shinminpo</i> created folders in the cases of breaking news, additional information\navailable or feedback to the readers. These folders fell into the categories of\nspecial edition, appendix or readership coupons.</span><span><br><br></span><span>The exhibit concerns the German invasion of Poland on September 2, 1939.\n<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> at the time\nreported the event as part of a special edition. The picture above shows a\npiece of film coupon gifted to the readership. The film in question was <i>Bang Chhun-hong</i>, shown in the Eirakuza\nTheater.<br></span><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 28, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "secondaryObj": { "oid": "49b24f032fe437b8e4a10c82a5316ba4", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1938年新民報讀者優待券", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2498號(1938-01-19)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "cf9a55fa640c37bc9305d2aefc4e0b0d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "theme-iqes3fowzx": { "id": "theme-iqes3fowzx", "type": "theme", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "434cbaf8dc6e7af378adb03f69126d61", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "目錄頁", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7fc373a03ec234ec5bbf48cd56f582c7", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 1, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Restraint. Placed Under Wartime Control.", "desc": "<span>With the beginning of the WWII, adverse circumstances compelled a\nradical change in the language style of <i>The\nTaiwan Shinminpo</i>. The newspaper was renamed <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i> by 1941 but that did not avert its fate of becoming\nconsolidated with other newspapers before the end of the war. <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> ceased to exist by\nthis point.</span>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 29, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "quote-gbylmevbb4": { "id": "quote-gbylmevbb4", "type": "quote", "sortable": true, "musicName": "無", "weight": 30, "desc": "<span>The circulation of <i>The Taiwan\nShinminpo</i> reached as many as 50,000 copies in 1937 and yet the environment\nin which it operated only grew tougher. The policy of Japanization during\nwartime saw the abolition of the Chinese column. As in the case of other\npolitical or social groups such as \"The Taiwan Cultural Association\", \"The\nFarmers' Association\" and \"The Taiwan People's Party\" that also were subject to\nrepression and fell moribund, the opportunities for free speech for <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> became progressively\nlessened.</span><br>\n\n<br><span>In February 1941, under\npolitical pressure it was renamed <i>The\nKounan Shinbun</i> and its language style was much changed as a result.&nbsp;</span><span>In March 1944, six major\nnewspapers in Taiwan, including&nbsp;<i>Kounan&nbsp;</i></span><i>Shinbun</i><span>&nbsp;were merged to\nbecome <i>Taiwan Shinpo</i>&nbsp;(<i>Taiwan News</i>), essentially bringing an\nend to&nbsp;<i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i>.<br></span><span><br>Nevertheless, the Taiwanese held on to their\nspirit of critical thinking and expression of opinions through the media and\npersisted till the post-war years…</span><br>", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-wfaf5hm603": { "id": "basic-wfaf5hm603", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "969c9526fe03d2de59ed22bb5abd940c", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1941年2月改名興南新聞", "desc": "資料來源:〈興南新聞第3609號(1941-02-11)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "55d63785f7ca02bd050157df6ceba78e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "The Kounan Shinbun, February 1941", "desc": "<span>In February 1941, under political pressure <i>The Taiwan Shinminpo</i> was renamed <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i>, whose language style differed markedly from that\nof its predecessor, with much diminished power of speech. As the war\nintensified, the coverage was primarily taken up with the war, with many pages being\ncut back. By the later stages, almost no news about literature and arts was featured.</span><br><br><span>This exhibit shows the news coverage of the day in 1941 (a special\nedition for commemoration) when the newspaper was renamed, displaying on the\nfront page the congratulatory messages from various circles. Prime Minister\nFumimaro Konoe wrote that <i>The Taiwan\nShinminpo</i> was renamed <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i>\nas part of the national policy to advance southward. The Government-general of\nTaiwan, Kiyoshi Hasegawa, also mentioned such words as \"articles for the\ncountry\". In facilitating the national policy, <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i> also engaged in related activities. These\nincluded raising funds for weapons purchases, promoting a temporary increase in\nfood production, publishing maps of the East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere,\ngathering songs that celebrated the southward advance, organizing speeches on\ncontemporary events and cinematic viewings as well as sending correspondents to\nvarious regions in the south to strengthen the network of communications (see\nred boxes in picture).</span><br><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 31, "secondaryObj": { "oid": "ece56f6eeed3a067856ddd4c8ab5ab6c", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1941年2月興南新聞", "desc": "資料來源:〈興南新聞第3609號(1941-02-11)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "8fffb9c3614390179f54e83a734c870f", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "imgs-742aiwrim4": { "id": "imgs-742aiwrim4", "type": "imgs", "sortable": true, "multiObjs": [ { "oid": "e1c6d2ae2797cb0ca0f06f4bfcf86ce7", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0088f6e4082988a1e3c72263e0a0efbf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "4ccc069e71c9c2412f5cd48c714fd4b3", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "e96c0a8495cb53b707c5392e4834117e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, { "oid": "624e3b41624a4be4cdb03e6ebd982e0f", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "6394d763b954633e5e7fd95052322c4a", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" } ], "items": { "imgs-742aiwrim4-se81qcziv4": { "id": "imgs-742aiwrim4-se81qcziv4", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "e1c6d2ae2797cb0ca0f06f4bfcf86ce7", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0088f6e4082988a1e3c72263e0a0efbf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 0 }, "imgs-742aiwrim4-654tesra4r": { "id": "imgs-742aiwrim4-654tesra4r", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "primaryObj": { "oid": "4ccc069e71c9c2412f5cd48c714fd4b3", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "e96c0a8495cb53b707c5392e4834117e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 1 }, "imgs-742aiwrim4-tq9s1kmcpm": { "id": "imgs-742aiwrim4-tq9s1kmcpm", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "primaryObj": { "oid": "624e3b41624a4be4cdb03e6ebd982e0f", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "6394d763b954633e5e7fd95052322c4a", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "sortable": true, "type": "imgs-child", "weight": 2 } }, "musicName": "無", "weight": 32, "primaryObj": {}, "title": "Agreement of Consolidation for Six Newspapers, 1944", "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "desc": "<span>On April 1, 1944, amid\ngrowing difficulties in the war the Government-general enacted the policy of\npress control, <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i> was\nmerged with <i>The Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpo</i>,\n<i>The Taiwan Shinbun</i>, <i>The Taiwan Nippo</i>, <i>The Higashi Taiwan Shinpo</i> and <i>The\nTakao Shinpo </i>to form <i>The Taiwan\nShinpo</i>.<br></span><br><span>Of the six newspaper signatories of the agreement, <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i> was represented by Sadaroku Hayashi (the\nJapanese name of Lin Cheng-lu). Among the negotiated terms were the assets and\nstocks of each newspaper as well as the uses of the equipments and plants\ninvolved for better facilitating continued publication after the merger.</span><br><br>", "displayMode": "fixed-width" }, "basic-81oh4huejf": { "id": "basic-81oh4huejf", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "4fd174b6cfd869e7e802d2a32c64c09a", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1944年臺灣新報", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "df109dc91d523dbf019730eff5e422df", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "The Taiwan Shinpo, 1944", "desc": "<span>In April 1944, <i>The Taiwan Shinpo </i>began\ncirculation. It ceased operation by August 1945. Its coverage mostly concerned\nthe war, with an edition propagating the national policy to the youth and\nstudents. Lasting a little more than a year, the newspaper was brought to an\nend with the conclusion of the war.</span>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 33, "secondaryObj": { "level": "secondary", "oid": "4fd174b6cfd869e7e802d2a32c64c09a", "title": "1944年臺灣新報", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "20088cdbe674cb5112f3ca2ecb0eee0d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "theme-h2faw3le27": { "id": "theme-h2faw3le27", "type": "theme", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "c3c91ef7891c8420f49febb72e198d92", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "數位典藏加值運用", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "092a97a277025a6ccd783a3c466661de", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Rebirth – Digital Archive & Value Addition", "desc": "It has been nearly a century since the newspapers began circulation and\nit is only in recent years that such precious materials have come to be\ngradually unearthed by the ITH. Among these materials are exclusive issues and editions\nfrom abroad and yet to be discovered. In enhanced quality as part of a\ndigitalized collection, the otherwise aged newspaper pages have been brought\nback to life.", "musicName": "無", "weight": 34, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-98ckfikqyo": { "id": "basic-98ckfikqyo", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "419d1c2cf1bf70e954c0e00a63c418f0", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "臺灣新民報典藏", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "69fd3f728c3d5f93a2e95acf5be9af56", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "\"The Taiwan Shinminpo\" Today", "desc": "<span>The ITH during recent years sorted through in succession materials\nrelated to <i>The Taiwan Minpo</i>, first\npublished in 1923, and its successors, <i>The\nTaiwan Shinminpo</i> and <i>The Kounan Shinbun</i>\nwith the latter ceasing publication in March 1944.</span><br><br>Some of these materials dating from 1938 to 1941 are currently held overseas\nas part of an exclusive collection; the gaps left by the missing issues and editions dating from 1934 to 1937 are\nfilled by information from the clippings collection of the ITH.<span><br><br></span>Through contemporary newspapers, a comprehensive understanding can be\nattained of how the people of Taiwan from the 1920s onward approached\ncontemporary politics and culture in their speeches and perspectives. Studies\nrelated to Taiwan regarding the later phases of the WWII in particular, as the\nresults of past research show, never made use of these precious newspapers.<br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 35, "secondaryObj": { "level": "secondary", "oid": "20bff0082a80d1182100facb31c163e8", "title": "臺灣新民報典藏", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d768e310aff1b728c3b5bbc8cbadd3de", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "" }, "basic-t18hkbxlca": { "id": "basic-t18hkbxlca", "type": "basic", "sortable": true, "primaryObj": { "oid": "0820abfb7aca68ae30ad7a5872b69828", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "中研院臺史所數位典藏系統", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "a37fa1bd6fb8c5f3f466eb14d96ffc83", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "title": "Value-added Application of Digital Collection System", "desc": "Given the historical salience of newspapers, the ITH initiates a\nthree-year project (2021-2023) with the aim of creating value-added contents\nand seeks to integrate digital archival collections where the newspaper\narchives get reorganized and digitally scanned for building a data catalog,\ncontent-identifying and –filing and a digital dataset for the newspapers.<br><br><span>It is expected that on completion the work will be widely utilized. For\nthe ordinary member of the general public interested in wartime Taiwan or\nacademics studying the period, the completed work will be providing historical\nmaterials distinct in perspective from that of <i>The Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpo</i>.</span><br><br>The newspapers in question date from 1923 to 1944. Table of contents and\ndigital images are to become available on \"Taiwan History Archives Resource System\"<span>&nbsp;as the work on content identification and filing in creating a digital\ndataset for the newspapers continues to completion.<br></span><br><span><a target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\" href=\"\">The website of the Archives of Institute of Taiwan History, Academia\nSinica</a>, provides the portal for advanced search to other systems of the site,\nincluding \"The Taiwan Diary Knowledge Bank\", \"The Government-general of Taiwan\nPersonnel Directory\", \"The Government-general of Taiwan Passport System\" and\nothers, helping with the development of various subjects of research regarding\nTaiwan history.</span><br>", "musicName": "無", "weight": 36, "musicText": "", "musicURL": "", "secondaryObj": { "oid": "c43cf7161cdf77bb510c064500180216", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "檔案館入口網", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "afe344843386ce705dbaeceed1d93a4f", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "thanks": { "id": "thanks", "type": "thanks", "sortable": false, "thanksList": { "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館": { "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "obj": [ "69bfd08602b2f97fc11825e1f57c6332", "1aa23de0e7c49fb2253896a36f5bfa04", "64f3eb0fd38dc44375394bf8485a5457", "b6e709059a25f6aace38ac9e4b6ac25d", "36e459754bf314fd1cd497f72d1d3688", "afc170abec395ad8c50c98ba890b3dd6", "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "4cf5e709978a2d71413f09dc4d4d84f4", "72fff7854c1606190fe93c929f16ae73", "718d4ad0f5624ef04237648c173d6e7d", "f322088774e93cd500e1bd452a03e9f0", "fe5bc8c0e626b2764ea48ef4ffb32fa7", "e7648368302b98ddb9c96a2af03bbbdd", "894b95a216c7b5f2175cc1dae7d8fbd2", "6713879ead6b9594b8d61cde9223dd65", "bd57d2b8c43eec5ab6215cb7042cf9a3", "a5841accab352434cae7f46a0fcdd8c7", "9ae13a177ba3632ace1f9640b75e7ebe", "779302ff1db4bfff66fcb9a2782400d2", "706d97ff36ab7524584f9864c365aa22", "1d2b4a172177f12d690162daec078523", "658456b4c895ec65708e0874122b9324", "67df027acd3279bbdb98688ccc7e5147", "7bbb92902fa6d8300afcbfca23836d3f", "9a805eff40818de5c6b96328c57bbadb", "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "91336092985ed83a2a5aabadf281106c", "b545aa4558dcbabb8c011ab69d033c30", "96ecc33e3d7ce5c5ac9681ed7a614381", "b7ef5a5215ede8474635959ac26c7ae9", "f709555780c40510fab77d458b4d019a", "dd84dc77a47f2a3f63c1e324b103f8e1", "32484c1443ff83ebde28cb096ef57ffe", "c42249973f8d69d0067e857f0f1c8f33", "0b8d3d1f1f6c7f33587160a75342ef9c", "91f5edd0bc78f43413d2b6c1e17891c0", "05cbc0c8f6e0e72fba25ea1f040cf0f0", "746a91981341a6be2f5ae37fa0b98721", "f196da622ea1888fea291f34464190df", "51376e5365b898576991b74ef00ab008", "27beaf7cdd8b7a2d6251e9e63313dcd5", "0bfd42bad6aae7a3562310893f472428", "522af8dd35357f23278d93e99e9552f1", "d5a916e888e2db9e13c72b0d40fd0fb4", "d8d6b3506782bd46394a13746f35771b", "ffe41d51641a90b5eb980a288e69d1d3", "49b24f032fe437b8e4a10c82a5316ba4", "969c9526fe03d2de59ed22bb5abd940c", "ece56f6eeed3a067856ddd4c8ab5ab6c", "e1c6d2ae2797cb0ca0f06f4bfcf86ce7", "4ccc069e71c9c2412f5cd48c714fd4b3", "624e3b41624a4be4cdb03e6ebd982e0f", "4fd174b6cfd869e7e802d2a32c64c09a", "c3c91ef7891c8420f49febb72e198d92", "419d1c2cf1bf70e954c0e00a63c418f0", "20bff0082a80d1182100facb31c163e8", "0820abfb7aca68ae30ad7a5872b69828", "c43cf7161cdf77bb510c064500180216" ], "objNum": 58 }, "中央研究院臺灣史研究所": { "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所", "rightsLogo": "", "obj": [ "434cbaf8dc6e7af378adb03f69126d61" ], "objNum": 1 } }, "objList": { "69bfd08602b2f97fc11825e1f57c6332": { "oid": "69bfd08602b2f97fc11825e1f57c6332", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "bg", "title": "臺灣新民報系列報刊", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "988428d62eef5332017bfd2639b5fc19", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "1aa23de0e7c49fb2253896a36f5bfa04": { "oid": "1aa23de0e7c49fb2253896a36f5bfa04", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1928年新民會會員合影於武島町楊肇嘉宅", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣議會設置請願運動相關照片〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "4b49fa6e193d28cc49e5dca18c710a1f", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "64f3eb0fd38dc44375394bf8485a5457": { "oid": "64f3eb0fd38dc44375394bf8485a5457", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1925年臺灣文化協會講演團留影於臺灣民報批發處前", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣議會設置請願運動相關照片〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "bb536a675eee6907f278a1409b800f65", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "b6e709059a25f6aace38ac9e4b6ac25d": { "oid": "b6e709059a25f6aace38ac9e4b6ac25d", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1925年黃旺成日記記載文協至新竹演講實況", "desc": "資料來源:〈1925年黃旺成日記〉(T0765_02_01_12),《黃旺成與黃繼圖文書》(T0765),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d5d01d313eb93dd5048ad5c4f455d5be", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "36e459754bf314fd1cd497f72d1d3688": { "oid": "36e459754bf314fd1cd497f72d1d3688", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1927年新民會章程", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會章程〉(LJK_03_04_0060183),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "af9f6721c129349267ef3a47d2df29ce", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "afc170abec395ad8c50c98ba890b3dd6": { "oid": "afc170abec395ad8c50c98ba890b3dd6", "title": "1928年新民會概況-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "100aab2472973ba68b782598fad912f2", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea": { "oid": "78ff36a4cb44bf3dda5a5100ab0703ea", "title": "1928年新民會概況", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)、(二)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185-0080186),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "12bcc6df4a56ce41a8ad36cd6e6fe042", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "4cf5e709978a2d71413f09dc4d4d84f4": { "oid": "4cf5e709978a2d71413f09dc4d4d84f4", "title": "1928年新民會概況-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "72e021559c89d6040d6a89ac23deb8e1", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "72fff7854c1606190fe93c929f16ae73": { "oid": "72fff7854c1606190fe93c929f16ae73", "title": "1928年新民會概況-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈新民會概況(一)〉(LJK_03_04_0080185),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7bbcbc1e4fb84b0f6d6fdf419c3764a5", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "718d4ad0f5624ef04237648c173d6e7d": { "oid": "718d4ad0f5624ef04237648c173d6e7d", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "新民會會員合影", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣議會設置請願運動相關照片〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "b1508992db49d150e33124e271f47f46", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "f322088774e93cd500e1bd452a03e9f0": { "oid": "f322088774e93cd500e1bd452a03e9f0", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "臺灣新民報", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7ac734c8134dbac58f0629db2d16cc04", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "fe5bc8c0e626b2764ea48ef4ffb32fa7": { "oid": "fe5bc8c0e626b2764ea48ef4ffb32fa7", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "3cc4bca183cecd1fde999897a9764a4b", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "e7648368302b98ddb9c96a2af03bbbdd": { "oid": "e7648368302b98ddb9c96a2af03bbbdd", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "e3c3d5fc98baa6a06f6a5f5a2c726730", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "894b95a216c7b5f2175cc1dae7d8fbd2": { "oid": "894b95a216c7b5f2175cc1dae7d8fbd2", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1db0ed562ac8c34771485eba2af41a52", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "6713879ead6b9594b8d61cde9223dd65": { "oid": "6713879ead6b9594b8d61cde9223dd65", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-4", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "f9cdbca7cd6fee8bf8c2c3a7da157d80", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "bd57d2b8c43eec5ab6215cb7042cf9a3": { "oid": "bd57d2b8c43eec5ab6215cb7042cf9a3", "title": "關於台灣報紙之創設(LJK_0189-0001)-5", "desc": "資料來源:〈關於臺灣報紙之創設、同化關稅撤廢運動的提倡〉(LJK_03_04_0120189),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "71b6895310eacfea5ccb1a17ab64e2e9", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "a5841accab352434cae7f46a0fcdd8c7": { "oid": "a5841accab352434cae7f46a0fcdd8c7", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1923年臺灣民報創刊號", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣民報第1卷第1號〉(LJK_09_05_0011365),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9828bf2eb8dbde7c27598d206b525c91", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "9ae13a177ba3632ace1f9640b75e7ebe": { "oid": "9ae13a177ba3632ace1f9640b75e7ebe", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1922年《臺灣》雜誌", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣第3年第1號〉(LJK_08_01_005000),《臺灣第3年第1號》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "63f319a6aa4d3269c1bed5d930de70aa", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "779302ff1db4bfff66fcb9a2782400d2": { "oid": "779302ff1db4bfff66fcb9a2782400d2", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1927年3月11日林獻堂日記", "desc": "資料來源:林獻堂著;許雪姬等編註。灌園先生日記/1927-03-11。上網日期:2021年09月15日,檢自中央研究院臺灣史研究所臺灣日記知識庫:灌園先生日記/1927-03-11", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "5658700fa683bea131f8bce07c229c9d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "706d97ff36ab7524584f9864c365aa22": { "oid": "706d97ff36ab7524584f9864c365aa22", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1927年林獻堂遊歷歐洲相關紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣民報第241號〉(LJK_09_08_0751602),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "41a64df6a54b4591bec0a7de0889d706", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "1d2b4a172177f12d690162daec078523": { "oid": "1d2b4a172177f12d690162daec078523", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": " 1929年臺灣新民報發行日刊申請", "desc": "資料來源:〈新聞紙發行許可願〉(TPH_01_04_002),《蔡培火存於紅十字會臺灣省分會文書》(TPH),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "6c582443d1f661601ea7319a4a760edf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "658456b4c895ec65708e0874122b9324": { "oid": "658456b4c895ec65708e0874122b9324", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1932年臺灣新民報日刊發刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第0411號(1932-04-15)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "504bf161eb9c3f6f150dccfaafde5dd0", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "67df027acd3279bbdb98688ccc7e5147": { "oid": "67df027acd3279bbdb98688ccc7e5147", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1937年臺灣新民報社出版的支那時局大地圖", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "34c1a1c45c806592340548c6baf7dbbe", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 1, "fileOversize": false }, "7bbb92902fa6d8300afcbfca23836d3f": { "oid": "7bbb92902fa6d8300afcbfca23836d3f", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1932年新民報社本部", "desc": "資料來源:〈《義捐音樂會紀念寫真帳》〉(T0607P0090_02_0044),《高慈美文書》(3GCM),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "a3d33f018ef92a4a8918b8c67ee13428", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "9a805eff40818de5c6b96328c57bbadb": { "oid": "9a805eff40818de5c6b96328c57bbadb", "level": "secondary", "title": "1932年臺北市街圖", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺北市街圖〉(T1035_02_0001),《臺南市立圖書館舊藏地圖資料》(T1035),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "dae10f7659908769b67c6ffea2c88440", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49": { "oid": "553b080c5afecdbdab2b9c706e9d6a49", "title": "1934年新民報社現場", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報社要覽〉(LJK_03_08_0071848),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "2ab75273d1be5a50b6c11632525ed4c7", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "91336092985ed83a2a5aabadf281106c": { "oid": "91336092985ed83a2a5aabadf281106c", "title": "1933年黃周申請旅券紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈1933年10-12月外國旅券下付表〉(T1011_03_139),《臺灣總督府旅券下付及返納表》(T1011),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d95893246cdc253fa8400d01bdc0850e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "b545aa4558dcbabb8c011ab69d033c30": { "oid": "b545aa4558dcbabb8c011ab69d033c30", "title": "1934年臺灣人士鑑(黃周)", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣人士鑑〉(CCP_09_11039_BC4_37),《陳澄波畫作與文書表》(CCP),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "15598059a61fba65b2a12f961c542338", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "96ecc33e3d7ce5c5ac9681ed7a614381": { "oid": "96ecc33e3d7ce5c5ac9681ed7a614381", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1938年郭發赴任廈門旅券紀錄", "desc": "資料來源:〈1938年7-9月外國旅券下付表〉(T1011_03_158),《臺灣總督府旅券下付及返納表》(T1011),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0a76d7865c44e017402b5c7739913f33", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "b7ef5a5215ede8474635959ac26c7ae9": { "oid": "b7ef5a5215ede8474635959ac26c7ae9", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1938廈門之局長郭發旅券紀錄與報導", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2734號(1938-09-13)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "552e95d7f28c119f17ebcb033baff852", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "f709555780c40510fab77d458b4d019a": { "oid": "f709555780c40510fab77d458b4d019a", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1938年報紙上的流行與摩登", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "b5449abe2c8964864f33ac0615950c63", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "dd84dc77a47f2a3f63c1e324b103f8e1": { "oid": "dd84dc77a47f2a3f63c1e324b103f8e1", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "30fc9439bca594957cb0142122b04cfb", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "32484c1443ff83ebde28cb096ef57ffe": { "oid": "32484c1443ff83ebde28cb096ef57ffe", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "42117ff42b0bea67bd95dcda6e898c86", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "c42249973f8d69d0067e857f0f1c8f33": { "oid": "c42249973f8d69d0067e857f0f1c8f33", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7bfa603fa67d3f52be0c66a8509e1cb6", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "0b8d3d1f1f6c7f33587160a75342ef9c": { "oid": "0b8d3d1f1f6c7f33587160a75342ef9c", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報夕刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "60eff998123936702d84a5e7a406e67d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "91f5edd0bc78f43413d2b6c1e17891c0": { "oid": "91f5edd0bc78f43413d2b6c1e17891c0", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊頭版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "f7e0f3ece206f7f50ad07412a57d8921", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "05cbc0c8f6e0e72fba25ea1f040cf0f0": { "oid": "05cbc0c8f6e0e72fba25ea1f040cf0f0", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊2版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7e10c205b393d1b7de4d53582efe5c11", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "746a91981341a6be2f5ae37fa0b98721": { "oid": "746a91981341a6be2f5ae37fa0b98721", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊3版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "53b94fde61510a12af10b8599c9449b5", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "f196da622ea1888fea291f34464190df": { "oid": "f196da622ea1888fea291f34464190df", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊4版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "50b2c536fd28ab67a052f8b40165c8e2", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "51376e5365b898576991b74ef00ab008": { "oid": "51376e5365b898576991b74ef00ab008", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊5版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "52afca6fcda2612f957e35c5e92eeae9", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "27beaf7cdd8b7a2d6251e9e63313dcd5": { "oid": "27beaf7cdd8b7a2d6251e9e63313dcd5", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊6版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "fcd062140bc30c3e7a7300cd656cd39e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "0bfd42bad6aae7a3562310893f472428": { "oid": "0bfd42bad6aae7a3562310893f472428", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊7版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "91378bc01d345a727b42ca94a46a3b08", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "522af8dd35357f23278d93e99e9552f1": { "oid": "522af8dd35357f23278d93e99e9552f1", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報日刊8版", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9ba2be7f19ea5d9c590bfcb9074ceafe", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "d5a916e888e2db9e13c72b0d40fd0fb4": { "oid": "d5a916e888e2db9e13c72b0d40fd0fb4", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1939年9月新民報國語實習新聞", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3098號(1939-09-14)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "411c4bc1ade0cd86b07f46fa29ed377b", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "d8d6b3506782bd46394a13746f35771b": { "level": "primary", "oid": "d8d6b3506782bd46394a13746f35771b", "title": "新民報的全版廣告", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2820號(1938-12-08)、第2723號(1938-09-02)、第2734號(1938-08-13)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "1119a4f7164c42546728148f85fa26ad", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "ffe41d51641a90b5eb980a288e69d1d3": { "oid": "ffe41d51641a90b5eb980a288e69d1d3", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1939年9月2日臺灣新民報號外", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第3086號(1939-09-02)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "9195f72968b4f044ad060826e99fdd93", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "49b24f032fe437b8e4a10c82a5316ba4": { "oid": "49b24f032fe437b8e4a10c82a5316ba4", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1938年新民報讀者優待券", "desc": "資料來源:〈臺灣新民報第2498號(1938-01-19)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "cf9a55fa640c37bc9305d2aefc4e0b0d", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "434cbaf8dc6e7af378adb03f69126d61": { "oid": "434cbaf8dc6e7af378adb03f69126d61", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "目錄頁", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "7fc373a03ec234ec5bbf48cd56f582c7", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 1, "fileOversize": false }, "969c9526fe03d2de59ed22bb5abd940c": { "oid": "969c9526fe03d2de59ed22bb5abd940c", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1941年2月改名興南新聞", "desc": "資料來源:〈興南新聞第3609號(1941-02-11)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "55d63785f7ca02bd050157df6ceba78e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "ece56f6eeed3a067856ddd4c8ab5ab6c": { "oid": "ece56f6eeed3a067856ddd4c8ab5ab6c", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "1941年2月興南新聞", "desc": "資料來源:〈興南新聞第3609號(1941-02-11)〉(T1119),《臺灣新民報社報刊史料》(T1119),中研院臺史所檔案館數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "8fffb9c3614390179f54e83a734c870f", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "e1c6d2ae2797cb0ca0f06f4bfcf86ce7": { "oid": "e1c6d2ae2797cb0ca0f06f4bfcf86ce7", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-1", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "0088f6e4082988a1e3c72263e0a0efbf", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "4ccc069e71c9c2412f5cd48c714fd4b3": { "oid": "4ccc069e71c9c2412f5cd48c714fd4b3", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-2", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "e96c0a8495cb53b707c5392e4834117e", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "624e3b41624a4be4cdb03e6ebd982e0f": { "oid": "624e3b41624a4be4cdb03e6ebd982e0f", "title": "1944年六報合併協定書-3", "desc": "資料來源:〈日刊新聞社統合要綱協定書〉(LJK_03_09_0091860),《六然居典藏史料》(LJK),中央研究院臺灣史研究所數位典藏。\r\n", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "6394d763b954633e5e7fd95052322c4a", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false, "level": "primary" }, "4fd174b6cfd869e7e802d2a32c64c09a": { "oid": "4fd174b6cfd869e7e802d2a32c64c09a", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "1944年臺灣新報", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "df109dc91d523dbf019730eff5e422df", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "c3c91ef7891c8420f49febb72e198d92": { "oid": "c3c91ef7891c8420f49febb72e198d92", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "數位典藏加值運用", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "092a97a277025a6ccd783a3c466661de", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "419d1c2cf1bf70e954c0e00a63c418f0": { "oid": "419d1c2cf1bf70e954c0e00a63c418f0", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "臺灣新民報典藏", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "69fd3f728c3d5f93a2e95acf5be9af56", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "20bff0082a80d1182100facb31c163e8": { "level": "secondary", "oid": "20bff0082a80d1182100facb31c163e8", "title": "臺灣新民報典藏", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "d768e310aff1b728c3b5bbc8cbadd3de", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileURI": "", "fileType": "image", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "0820abfb7aca68ae30ad7a5872b69828": { "oid": "0820abfb7aca68ae30ad7a5872b69828", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "primary", "title": "中研院臺史所數位典藏系統", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "a37fa1bd6fb8c5f3f466eb14d96ffc83", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false }, "c43cf7161cdf77bb510c064500180216": { "oid": "c43cf7161cdf77bb510c064500180216", "fileType": "image", "fileURI": "", "level": "secondary", "title": "檔案館入口網", "desc": "", "thumbURI": "", "thumbMediumURI": "", "thumbBigURI": "", "background": "", "mfid": "afe344843386ce705dbaeceed1d93a4f", "musicURL": "", "musicName": "", "fileCreator": "", "rights": "中央研究院臺灣史研究所檔案館", "rightsLogo": "", "fileLicence": "著作權利所有-可用於本站提供的服務", "fileDisableLink": 0, "fileOversize": false } }, "title": "誌謝", "desc": "", "weight": 37, "display": true } }
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